Closed Court

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In the old part of town stands a foreboding brownstone building, looking like a monument founded on autho- rity and discipline. This is my Department. And yours.
Above the enormous doors something is written in Latin about loyalty to the State – I am sure you know it by heart. You should. Crossing the wet cobbles and going up the wide stairs towards the doors and its oath of allegiance you get the sense that the building is leaning in on you, and the Classical reliefs above the leaded windows are fixing their accusing glare.

Grab the bronze handle, pause for a brief moment and indulge the instinct to look over your shoulder – knowing full well that you are being watched – and gaze up at the Palace. But why so self-aware? A guilty con- science, perhaps? Maybe even something to hide?

Worry not. Please, step inside. Tonight, I shall hear your confession. There shall be an inquiry in the ser- vice of truth and State. No one is without blame. Step inside, meet the others – they are waiting. Set aside your fears, come meet your destiny and let me lock these doors behind you …

Declaration of Contents

  • Setting: a Kafkaesque universe
  • System: hardly any system (a single Characteristic inspired by Storyteller)
  • Genre: drama
  • Format: locked room intrigue
  • No. of Characters: six + game master
  • Premiere: Fastaval 1994


Closed Court is the 20th Anniversary English Edition of ‘Laaste Døre’ (1994).

The foreword lays out my thinking in regards to the scenario’s place in the history of Nordic style roleplaying, such as it is, and how I approached the translation. Please download the scenario if you want to know more.

Juhanna Pettersson read the scenario in his An Adventure Per Year series. Closed Court (1994)

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